1. Will you deliver fresh cakes?

A person can enjoy the actual taste of cake only when it's fresh, this is why all the cakes we deliver are prepared only some time before it reaches to the recipient. To achieve the same, we offer
customers to choose delivery time as well, so that we know when we need to prepare a cake and get it delivered. We ensure that customer always enjoys the freshest possible cake. We do not
believe in delivering stale cakes.

2. How can I trust the quality of cake delivered by birthdaymasti?

We procure cakes from top and renowned bakeries in town. This help us to ensure that customer always get quality cakes and consistent taste. We promise to deliver quality products when
ordering from birthdaymasti.

3. Does birthdaymasti provides midnight delivery as well? Is there any extra charge for it?

Yes, we do provide midnight delivery. The midnight delivery time is from 11:00 PM to 11:59 PM. Although we try our best to deliver order as close to 23:59 as possible, it is always suggested to
have midnight orders placed well on time. We charge Rs. 250 extra for midnight delivery.

4. What if recipient is not available when delivery person reaches there? Will you re-attempt delivery?

We do not attempt to deliver again, but we would call recipient and sender to know if we can deliver their order to any neighbour or near by place. Unable to do so will lead to cancellation of order
and no refund will be made in case of perishable products like cakes, chocolates and flowers.

5. While placing order, why do I see delivery time disabled?

Sometimes we get large number of orders for delivery at a particular time slot. In this case, that particular time slot is disabled to prevent taking any more orders. If you are need help in finding
time slot for that day, please contact our customer support